Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fiction movie for a day

Imagine you wake up n you get a chance to change or live your life into a fiction movie. What would be your reaction? Which movie would you choose? How would you spend your day? Well, I will be totally confused about which movie to choose. I’m a fiction movie lover and I got a long list of movies which are my favorites.  I will pick “Resident evil” and personate “Alice” the protagonist; she is my favorite character from the whole series of Resident evil for two reasons - firstly Alice is very independent and dauntless which I admired the most, secondly, I love the way she kick the butt of the corpses.

Now, before going out of my house I will wear a black leather suit with knee length boots (where I can keep my guns).  I will prefer to have machine gun which can shoot many corpses. Then I will hit the road and start fighting with zombies who tries to mess with me. I will find the people which are not infected by T-virus and help them to escape. As Nemesis helped Alice against “Umbrella” the same way I will be helped by Nemesis to save civilians. My whole day will be loaded with adventure, thrill and fear; even though Alice (I) should be brave but you never know from which corner a living-dead would attack you.

This whole idea makes me excited and I am sure you too must be fantasizing yourself in your favorite fiction movie. How would you spend your day? Do comment below your ideas I’m keen to know how you would spend your fiction movie for a day. If you like my posts do follow my blog and stay tune for more.

PS: If you love watching action/fiction movies I recommend you to watch whole Resident evil series.


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