Monday, 11 May 2015

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Book Review

    Percy Jackson didn't originally like being the son of Poseidon. He warmed up to the idea later, given its perks. However, he came to realize that the gods are a strange bunch, their stories are usually told by god-fearing mortal bards who don’t really know them that well. In this book, Percy tells the story of the gods from his point of view. Hilariously critical of their actions and their temperaments, Percy reveals how Zeus became the head honcho, and how Kronos ate one of his own kids. He also reveals how Athena burst out of another god’s head, quite literally. In plain monochrome, Percy takes readers back into the Homeric world we all know, but he shows us that no one knows it like the son of a god.
    If you are into Greek mythology and want to know more about Greek gods then, this is the right book for you. The author gives the book a humorous touch so you won’t get bored and discontinue reading it. The cover of the book is very catchy and glossy. As the book name suggest, nearly every important information about main greek gods is mentioned in the book. It contains stories about twelve Olympian gods and also about some mortals and monsters. The book made me head over heel and also the pace of the book was perfect. The arrangement of stories was good. The author explained the twelve Olympians fairly. This book contains bloodshed, stealing, lying, cannibalism and treason that’s why I don’t think it’s suitable for children. I don’t have any favorite characters because every god has their own goodness and drawbacks. Does the author accomplished his objective of the book? Yes, he did, he explained every basic info you needed to know about greek gods (That’s all you can pen down in 400 pages, you can’t go in detail to every gods background, it will take individual book to explain in depth). The book is written in simple English. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would recommend this book to young –adult and adult readers who are interested in Greek mythology.

Ratings: ****

Book details:

Publisher: Penguin UK
Book Type: Fiction
Imprint: PUFFIN
Pages: 464 pages
Language: English

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