Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Encounter with God’s beautiful creation

       I want to share my view with all of you. In this savage world, as we all have read in newspapers about molestation, murders, gang rape, and children assault, people are losing faith in mankind. We are conscious when it comes to trust someone but there is a purest soul in our society to which we are unlearned. To which we show our cruel side. Yes! Animals hold the purest soul.
       From the very start my family is attached to animals. When I was 5 years old, we used to live in kalyan. Near our building there was a magnificent tree, which was spreading his huge and strong arms. The tree sheltered many animals such as squirrels, crows and even snakes. The cute squirrels used to get in our rooms to eat nuts. The feeling I used to get was awesome. From that moment I got attached to animals. I had a soft corner for them. They were my mood lifters. Whenever I used to feel low even memories of them shifted my mood to positive. Then we shifted to Navi-Mumbai, I thought that all the redoubtable moments are gone forever but no God gifted me pets in abundance. Now, we are having 4 pet dogs at home and 9 stray dogs who are feed by my mom. I really enjoy spending time with them. As I’m in 10th, they are my stress busters. Whenever I look into their eyes I can see a soul like us the only difference is that they can’t speak.
         I have seen many people; they will throw the food in the dustbin but never like to give it to strays. Even they take away their anger on animals by assaulting them. What is their fault that God made them dumb and dependent on human? Why are they treated like hell? Is humanity in this world is lost? I just wanted to convey a message that respect animals and they will respect you. They know the true value of love. They are like mirror, when you are happy your happiness can be perceived in them. 


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