Saturday, 20 August 2011

Smiling your way through :)

What is smile?

Smile is expression of happiness that adds beauty to our face. It is a friendly way to reach others heart. Smile stands for happiness, joy and pleasure.

Things that make me smile:-

1. Spending time with my best friend because she is very cheerful person.

2. Listening songs makes me fresh and happy.

3. Reading novels of my favorite genres (Young adult Paranormal/Fantasy).

4. Playing with my dogs makes me smile.

5. While dancing I smile because it adds beauty to my face and look perfect.

 Sharing some of the photos which will probably make you smile....


Simran said...

Wow! Riya..there are many similarities between you and me :)
Things which add smile to your face and happiness.. makes my happy too ..
Your sweet content with funny pics made me smile :)

Thank you ..
And keep smiling!

Riya k said...

ohh so gr88 thnssss simran n u too keep smiling :)

sHoNa said...

cho chweet.... nice1 ..i lyk ur blog ,content n template as well .keep it up.

Riya k said...

thnsssss for the comment :))

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